Snap-on diagnostic                  £45+VAT

Injector leak off testing  from     £30+VAT

Smoke test from                            £35+VAT

latest diagnostic tool

We offer two tiers of air conditioning maintenance

Air Conditioning Recharge from  £55+VAT

Air conditioning Service including

Air conditioning recharge

Replacement pollen filter

Drive belt inspection

In car sanitising treatment

                                                       from £95+VAT

air conditioning service

Brake Maintenance


brake fluid deteriation

Auto Repair &  Maintenance 

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all available services
pagid brake specialist


Air Conditioning

Vehicle Servicing

Battery Replacement

MOT testing

General vehicle repair work

All general vehicle repairs hourly rate                                                                  £60+VAT

Disc and pad replacement from         £135+VAT

Brake clean and adjustment from        £30+VAT

Brake fluid change                                 £40+VAT

063 battery                                  £62+VAT

075 battery                                            £75+VAT

096 battery                                            £98+VAT

Battery fitting from                              £10+VAT

A large selection of batteries available on request                          

Oil and filter change from                  £65+VAT

Intermediate service from                    £105+VAT

Full service from                                     £165+VAT

We offer class 4 motor vehicle MOTs   £35

Class 7 motor vehicle MOT                    £50

All mots have a free retest period of 10 days from the time of testing.